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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2021-10-05
Ilmoituksen numero2021-083256
TED numero2021/S 199-519449
OstajaorganisaatioForum Virium Helsinki (2170029-2 )
Unioninkatu 24
FI-00130 Helsinki
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotOpen Call for Pilots: Green Urban Mapping
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) arvio20 000 EUR
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) lopullinen
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausThe target of this open call are pilot projects related to mapping plant life data with digital tools and participatory elements for better urban planning. While plant life is the backbone of urban greenery, cities have a low resolution of information about existing plant life in the urban setting. As 3D models and digital twins of Helsinki City are developing fast, the greenery also needs to be created as 3D models. The mapping of plant life provides up-to-date information about the existing plant life, possibility to follow changes within the variety of plants and engages residents to take interest in the natural environment and its effect on their living environment. The piloted solution for Green Urban Mapping should include: - Ability to tag individual plants into a geographic coordinate system - Ability to tag areas of certain plant species - Transfer the collected mapping into existing and common CAD, GIS, BIM-formats. The solution may focus on residents in general, or it can focus on specific groups or use cases. The solution may focus on a Sompasaari residential block interior courtyard, several courtyards, Sompasaari public areas or the whole Sompasaari area. Piloting will be executed from November to January, during late autumn and winter conditions. Solutions should recognize a relevant scale of information, as modeling distinctions between plant life individuals and groups is difficult. The pilots can utilise existing available open data, such as Helsinki Region Infoshare resources. With this call for offers, Forum Virium Helsinki seeks agile pilots providing solutions to urban plant life mapping. The procurement is subject to the current Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts. In this context, the client will cover the expenses based on fixed compensation. The piloting costs will be covered up to 10.000€ (VAT 0%) for the two best solutions. In case there are no two clear pilot solutions suggested fulfilling the minimum requirements, Forum Virium Helsinki reserves the right to divide the costs differently or not choose any of the pilots. The maximum total cost of all agile pilots is 20.000€ (VAT 0%). The total price, and the content of the costs, should be described in the attached offer. Companies and other actors with a valid business ID or commercial register number recognized in the EU can take part in the open call. In the case of a "team offer", the lead is considered as the responsible partner and will be the legal tenderer. The team (other companies or actors) must be indicated in the enclosed tender document with the company's legal names and identification details. The duration of the agile pilot is from the 1st of November 2021 to the 16th of January of 2022. The open call seeks agile pilots that can be implemented with end users (citizen test users and urban planners) during the piloting period. The offers should be submitted by the 24th of October 2021 at 23:59 (EET). Offers for pilots are submitted with the electronic form which can be found on the website of Forum Virium Helsinki. Link to the offer form and supportive materials related to the open call can be found here: The selected companies will actively participate in the co-creation organized during the project. A kickoff event will be organized in November 2021. The piloting process will be documented and the results will be communicated by Forum Virium and selected tender(s). Forum Virium Helsinki supports companies during piloting. Support is provided in the practical implementation of the pilots, finding test users, planning and coordination, documentation and communication as needed. However, the company selected to implement the pilot is the main carrier and responsible for the pilot. The tenderer is asked to identify what kind of support it needs from Forum Virium Helsinki in the enclosed tender. The call for proposals is in English and the piloting proposals will be submitted in English. Programme for the pilot and its payment terms will be confirmed with a separate agreement. The costs do not include VAT. The pilot will be paid against an invoice. The pilot will be paid for in one or more instalments, depending on its scope and the supplier’s resources. The payment term is defined in the separate agreement. Companies that participate in the agile piloting have a separate reporting obligation that is agreed upon based on the terms of the agreement.
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Pääasiallinen suorituspaikkaPiloting will take place in Kalasatama district in Helsinki.


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