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2022-01-08Finnish tenders now on Twitter! Go see and follow featureFront-end
2022-01-07Company ID parsing, mapping and links redone as the raw data quality leaves a lot to desireEnhancementFront-end
2022-01-02Awarded Finnish tenders are missing more and more business ID's hence better mapping (without business ID) implemented on and EnhancementFront-end
2022-01-01Table row counts fixedBug fixFront-end
2022-01-01Latest tenders and latest awarded tenders quick links addedNew featureFront-end
2021-12-06After 6 months of coding we are moving away from public company data. From hereon after all Finnish company basic data is from official non-public sourceEnhancementBack-end
2021-07-25Rest API 2.0 with xroad data interfaces opened for partners for the first timeNew featureBack-end
2021-07-11New Finnish government xroad integration finalized. Now the hard work starts.EnhancementBack-end
2020-12-19After careful testing and consideration the back-end will move to use CockroachDB. (Other alternatives were Citusdata and YugabytesDB). Postgres will be used for staging still.EnhancementBack-end
2020-07-11First lists to the front pageNew featureFront-end
2020-06-21Change record reporting dashboard created.New featureFront-end